The journey is more important than the destination….

Somehow I knew this when I came home from kindergarten the first day and announced that I wanted to be a teacher. As I grew up though, I knew it wouldn’t be my life long career. A teacher in a classroom is only where I started my journey.

I taught 2nd -4th graders for 8 years and loved every moment of it. Along the way, I got a Masters in Counseling so I could be a more effective teacher. Even then, I knew I wouldn’t teach in a classroom forever. Teaching in a classroom wasn’t my destination in life…it was part of my journey.

At the age of 3, my daughter confidently told me that she wanted to read. But she didn’t want to wait. It had to be now. Using what I had learned as a classroom teacher, I created a phonics curriculum that provided hands on, engaging activities. She read above grade level by the time she entered kindergarten. I worked outside of the home and homeschooling was never a part of the plan. Looking back, these pre-kindergarten years were our unofficial start to homeschooling. But, as she entered the upper elementary years,  home schooling became an obvious choice. Designing a majority of her curriculum and rediscovering an earlier love of writing, I stepped into the best part of my journey so far.

I hope that my journey can help you on yours.


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