Be the change you want to see..

I love this quote….

Next year’s home schooling curriculum is finished and the final touches were put on the yearbook for the year. Our yearbooks actually look more like doorstops when we are done but they share so many wonderful memories of the year. Each one is a wonderful treasure. I never knew how much home schooling would add to our lives – academically, as a family, and in life’s experiences. It’s been, and continues to be, a wonderful journey.

What I write when it isn’t education based…I’m still looking for a publisher for Fireflies of Hope. Since the story was written, Mary Jo Copeland (the director of Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis which was featured in the story) has been recognized by President Obama. (She also was recognized by President Bush years ago.) Recently, she received an award at the White House for the work that she has done. By giving back to our communities, whether it is through our efforts or in money, each one of us can be a firelfy of hope. When the book is finally published, I look forward to giving ½ of the proceeds to Mary Jo and the shelter. She doesn’t know this though and might not even remember us. That’s okay – I like it that way.


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