Catching Up

The snow is finally gone and spring is finally here. It’s been a long winter and I look forward to the freshness of spring and the warmth of summer.

Fireflies of Hope is still in its search for a publisher. Sending it to agents is no easier than sending it to a publisher.  Many only respond if they are interested. For those who do respond, I am grateful even though the book “doesn’t meet their need at this time.” I’m glad for this polite response and that the story isn’t rejected for serious flaws. I’ll keep searching but have also been taking some time to better understand the right place for it.

Next weekend, I’m taking a course from a local writing center for some tricks of the trade. I’m hoping it will give me some better perspective on getting this story published. Soon after the class, I’ll begin sending out the story again.

I’m also looking to donate half of the book’s proceeds, once published, to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. It is the homeless shelter that we worked with in the story. The director, Mary Jo Copeland, has also been recognized by President George W. Bush and President Obama for her service to the community. Mary Jo does not know about Fireflies of Hope or that I plan on giving half of its proceeds to her shelter. I truly hope I can do this.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up writing the AP US History curriculum as well as another one. Homeschooling keeps me busy. I also enjoy writing “jingles” or “ghost tunes” (new words to a familiar song). These have always been fun for me.


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