1st e-book published

I’m so excited to announce that Unlocking the Mystery of the Alphabet is finally published! Written originally for my daughter, it’s been patiently waiting for me to find a home for it. Along the way, I’ve gotten a lot of support and encouragement. I thank all of you who have supported me along this journey.  At one point, I was told that it should be published because “what blesses one, blesses all.” That is my hope.

This book helped build a strong literacy foundation for our daughter as well as an insatiable love of learning.  Along with another curriculum that I designed, she entered kindergarten devouring early chapter books.  It is with this hope that I published my first e-book. With the ideas in this book, teachers and parents  can work more effectively to introduce reading to their students. Once kids discover this first key to unlocking this “mysterious code,” they begin a journey that will last a lifetime.

Check out my new e-book at Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple (just to name a few.) As a resource book, it  focuses on over 200 activities for letter-sound recognition. It is also expected to be in e-book format with other major retailers within the next week or so. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/179170



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